Are you ready to ramp up accountability in the workplace?
February 25, 2019

Every business owner wants their venture to be a success. Whether you run a small, medium or large enterprise, there are a couple of common steps you can take towards your goals. Strategy,  marketing, skills development – all powerful elements of a successful business model. But, are you paying enough attention to accountability in the …

training platform
Boost your business with OnRamp’s training platform
February 5, 2019

New year, new system. Not only does 2019 offer you a fresh start to develop and upskill your people, but we’re launching an updated training platform to make all your management processes easier. Yes, you heard us. OnRamp is getting a make-over. In fact, some of you are trying out the new system as we …

learning trends
Seven learning trends to boost your 2019 employee training
December 18, 2018

Another year, done and dusted. Phew! As the festive period gathers momentum, everyone in the office has one eye on the holidays, except, perhaps, the top executives and human resources. For them, the end of the year is the time to review employee performance and plan for a bigger and better 2019. After all, it’s …

compliance training
The secret to creating compliance training your employees will love
December 3, 2018

Let’s talk about the dreaded ‘C’ word – compliance. The very thought of it puts your employees to sleep within minutes. Snore! But, it’s unavoidable. Compliance training is a must for every workplace. Without it, your employees won’t know the policies and regulations that apply to their position. Unfortunately, 90% of the time, compliance training …

online training videos
5 tips for creating engaging online training videos for employees
October 1, 2018

Does your staff training need a refresh? We all know that a skilled team is the key to a successful business strategy. (Read further to discover the connection between training and employee performance). But, are we providing our employees with the right tools to develop their skills? These ‘tools’ need to be engaging and informative. …

cybersecurity training
Cybersecurity training: Does your company have an effective strategy?
August 29, 2018

Are you aware of the importance of cybersecurity training for your employees? We live in a world that is advancing every day. In our personal and professional lives, we are now more reliant on technology than ever before. It’s true – the digital age has revolutionised how we do business. Information is now readily available …

online corporate training
Online corporate training: Are you making these common mistakes?
August 15, 2018

It’s a digital world out there. Gone are the days of overflowing filing systems and overhead projectors. These days, the corporate environment is all cloud rooms and high-tech equipment. If your conferencing and company management is all taking place in a digital space, there’s no reason staff growth shouldn’t join the party. The time has …

learning trends
Is your business BEE compliant?
July 12, 2018

Here at OnRamp, we have a passion for empowering people in the workplace by developing their skills and knowledge. A business is only as strong as its people and every business owner wants their company to be at the top of its game. In South Africa, a crucial element to boosting your business is BEE …

Microlearning in the workplace: The future of staff training
June 7, 2018

Time is a hot commodity in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Mastering the art of multi-tasking is the name of the game if anyone wants to get ahead. There’s no time for sleeping when every second is potentially costing you money. This turbo-charged generation we live in leaves little time for staff development. How will your business …

Creating online training resources: How colour affects learning
May 3, 2018

There’s no denying, a well-trained workforce is an asset to any business. Skilled employees boost sales, inspire confidence, and give the company a good name. Here at OnRamp, we’re enthusiastic about upskilling through online platforms. Providing staff training online is a quick, efficient way to ensure your employees are at the top of their game. …