Mobile learning is on the rise

The world today is a driven, technology-based society determined on bettering themselves. Any company wanting to be at the top of their game would be foolish to overlook the benefits of providing their employees with training. And by training, we don’t mean boring seminars that put half the people to sleep. No. We’re talking about versatile, engaging training. Training that is accessible anywhere, at any time. That’s right. We’re talking about mobile learning. Online training platforms, such as OnRamp, are the way of the future.

Why mobile learning?

There are more mobile devices on the planet than there are people (and that number is well into the billions). The chance of an employee not having a smartphone is pretty slim. The first place people look when searching for information is their mobile device. Ask someone a complicated question and what do they do? They whip out their smartphone and browse the mighty Google – all the knowledge in the world at the push of a button. The traditional way of learning is rapidly giving way to mobile learning. People want to be able to access knowledge with ease. Staff would rather learn on-the-go in their own time than sit through a long seminar. Seminars can be ineffective as employees aren’t compelled to actively take part. Whereas, with mobile learning, they are engaging with the content.

Mobile learning empowers employees

The time has come for the rise of the Millennials. We are fast approaching an age where Millennials make up the majority of the working population. The workplace is full of driven people who want to be the best they can be. These people rely on their mobile devices for direct access to information. Employees, Millennials, in particular, seek employment which offers training and development. They want to increase their skills. They want to be able to do so as and when they need – introducing the desire for mobile learning. Today’s population does everything via their mobile device. They chat to the person next to them with WhatsApp. Find recipes for dinner on Pinterest. They even read books on their tablets. Mobile devices are an integral part of society. It’s only logical that training is accessible through mobile learning.

The impacts of mobile learning

Why should your business follow the trend of mobile learning? This is a no-brainer. Mobile learning provides a platform for companies to empower their staff through continuous training. Training no longer needs to be condensed into one session. It can be organised into bite-sized, topic-specific manuals. Information is better retained when delivered in many small sessions. And with the use of various multimedia, it is engaging and interesting. In fact, mobile learning can increase employee productivity by as much as 40%. Now which business wouldn’t want that?

How can OnRamp help you utilise mobile learning?

OnRamp provides its users with an online training platform. Your business can use the platform to manage all its training and content. With the platform, you can organise your training into online training guides and send to employees. The platform is 100% cloud-based. Your content is accessible anywhere, at any time – even with a mobile device! Employees can seamlessly switch to the smartphone or tablet and pick up their training where they left off.  

Do you want to empower your staff through skills development? Do you want a simple platform to do it from? Contact OnRamp today to get started. Mobile learning for everyone.