Microlearning in the workplace: The future of staff training

Time is a hot commodity in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Mastering the art of multi-tasking is the name of the game if anyone wants to get ahead. There’s no time for sleeping when every second is potentially costing you money. This turbo-charged generation we live in leaves little time for staff development. How will your business keep running if your employees are sitting in training seminars all day? And let’s face it, do they even retain any of that information? Listening to a monotonous voice drone on for hours is hardly riveting. The words go in one ear and straight out of the other. To get your employees attention, without wasting any time (or money), you should be looking at microlearning.

The trend of microlearning

What is microlearning? Glad you asked. Microlearning is the way of the future. It’s an approach to employee development that delivers short, bite-sized bodies of content, focusing on a specific topic. And, it’s not just the content, it’s the delivery. The ability to access these short bursts of training on mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones makes microlearning both convenient and apt for the workforce of today.

How can your business use microlearning?

There is no end to the ways your business can use microlearning. Employees, millennials, in particular, have a thirst for knowledge. With the internet at our fingertips, today’s society can access information at the click of a button. Strategising your training in this way allows it to fit into employee schedules. Here’s how you can start implementing microlearning into your training strategy:

Employee manuals

Instead of dense, printed employee manuals, create an online employee manual. This way, you can break your manual up into short sections for employees to peruse at will. You can even be creative and put the information into a video format. Create a test for the end of each section to track your staff’s engagement with the material. Presenting information in this manner makes it easier to absorb and retain.

New and ongoing training

Whether there’s a newbie on the team or staff members needing to brush up on their skills, there’s always a need for a library of training material. Tasks, office processes, equipment manuals, how-to guides – compile your company’s training into online manuals. Employees, new and old, can access the training quickly, many times if need be. Microlearning ensures your staff always have access to information. Keeping training modules short and content-specific allows employees to learn what they need as they need it. If one employee is sick and there’s a task that needs completing, another staff member can be up to speed in a matter of minutes.

Releasing updates

Microlearning is useful in your business to release updates. Roll out any upgrades to the system or changes to staff process at the click of a button. Create short videos or instructions and send to the relevant employees online. This immediate distribution of information saves time and ensures everyone has access wherever they are.

Microlearning with OnRamp

Microlearning works for employees because it is flexible and delivers small sections of information at a time. It also makes use of graphics and videos, which helps staff engage with the material, making it easier to process. With OnRamp, implementing microlearning is a piece of cake. The cloud-based platform gives you the tools to create and distribute training to employees online. It is compatible with mobile devices, making your training accessible via mobile phones and tablets. Convenient! You can also create tests with each training manual. All your data is recordable.

Any company can take advantage of microlearning. All you need is a platform to build your training. Contact us to get started with online training today.