The secret to creating compliance training your employees will love

Let’s talk about the dreaded ‘C’ word – compliance. The very thought of it puts your employees to sleep within minutes. Snore! But, it’s unavoidable. Compliance training is a must for every workplace. Without it, your employees won’t know the policies and regulations that apply to their position. Unfortunately, 90% of the time, compliance training is met with a sea of unenthusiasm.

Manuals are text heavy, long-winded and complex – hardly content to get the juices flowing. And what happens when employees slug through page after page of rules and laws? Nothing. The information barely gets through the front door, and within a few weeks (possibly even hours) it’s all but forgotten. So, how do you make your content engaging and enthralling? Easy. Follow our five easy steps!

5 steps to engaging compliance training

The key with any training is to keep it interesting. No member of your team wants to feel like they are back in school, slogging for exams. If you follow these five steps, your employees are sure to love your compliance training.

Step 1: Break it up

There’s nothing more daunting than information delivered in bulk. Providing all your training in one go, while you may think it’s saving time, ends up being counterproductive. With too much to focus on, your employees will only retain a fraction of the information. Instead, to ensure your training is easy to digest and remember, break up the content into smaller sections. Delivering small, bite-size manuals will allow your team to learn parts at a time without getting flustered. And ultimately, this will lead to better knowledge retention and understanding.

Step 2: Keep it relevant

It’s no secret – people respond better to information that is relatable and relevant. When creating your compliance training, do so with each department in mind. Build and deliver training that is division specific to ensure it’s applicable to the workers reading it. If your employees are reading through information outside of their role, they are more likely to lose interest. Another sure way to make your manuals more engaging is by adding real-life examples. This way, your employees can relate and empathise with the training. After all, it’s easier to apply knowledge when you fully comprehend its importance.

compliance training

Step 3: Offer flexibility

Use technology to your advantage. Traditional training methods can be quite the rigmarole. Trying to align a venue, instructor and your staff is more hassle than it’s worth. Not to mention the dread your team feels when they have to put aside the task that was due five minutes ago to attend a (boring) seminar. Luckily, you can save yourself the trouble, and keep your employees happy at the same time. Two birds with one stone and all that. E-learning is the answer. Give your staff the flexibility of completing their compliance training when it suits them. So, instead of rushing through the content to get back to work, they can work through the information when they are free and relaxed. These days, they can even access the training on their mobile devices (read about the rise of mobile learning). So convenient.

Step 4: Excite your employees

There’s no way around it – rules and regulations are boring. While your employees may understand the importance of complying with compliance, the task of learning the dos and donts is less than appealing. It helps to make the content exciting. Here is where you can utilise the versatility of electronic learning. Include visuals in your compliance training. The brain retains and recalls visual information easier and for a lot longer than text. By adding pictures and videos to your manuals, you’ll not only be making your training more interesting, but easy to remember as well. Compliance? Nailed it!

Step 5: Ramp up your compliance training

Now, you may be asking yourself how you achieve the first four steps. Easy. With OnRamp, of course. Our online platform provides all the tools you need to redefine your compliance training. We’ve been cooking up an all new and improved user experience, with some exciting additional features. The NEW Policy Document feature, in particular, is ideal for rolling out company systems and procedures.

With this feature, you can add all your content into a digital policy and send through to your staff online. Videos, images, and various other forms of media are all compatible with this training – that’s right, there are no boring PDFs here! The feature also allows for a digital sign off, so your team can acknowledge they have received, understood and accepted the policy. There is also the option to add a test at the end if you want to double your employees grasped the content.

Then, upon completion, management can pull reports to keep track of who is compliant. What’s more, the documents can be amended or updated at any time, making your compliance training highly adaptable. So convenient. And, what’s even better – you can use OnRamp for ALL your staff skills development. Great!

Are you ready to take you compliance training up a notch? Get started with OnRamp today. Pop us a message, and one of our consultants will be in touch.