Track your content

How do you drive accountability? By tracking engagement and progress and ensuring the training and compliance requirements are met. OnRamp offers various reporting tools to assist you in managing this process and get the most out of your people. Owing to our versatile system, you can keep track of every user with access to your portal on an individual and group level, and gain detailed information into how each user interacts with, responds to and engages with the system. To make life simple, you can take all this information and export it straight to excel, allowing for easy data review. With OnRamp, your team will be running like a well-oiled machine in no time.

Content Feedback Report

Quickly view who has submitted feedback on documents and send a response directly from the report.

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Focus Area Report

Drill down on a test’s answer selections by users who have completed the test and quickly identify the gaps in knowledge that require further training.  

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Interaction Report

See a bird’s eye view on the interaction by users who have been assigned documents.

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Points Statement

View and tally the points that have been awarded to users.

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User Activity and Performance Report

A comprehensive record on an individual’s performance on all their activities in the system.

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User Correspondence and Login Report

View the system notifications sent to users and track their login activity.

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Track external training

Not only does OnRamp offer powerful reporting tools to ensure you meet all your internal training and compliance objectives but OnRamp also allows you to log training activities with external training providers so that you can comprehensively manage the documentation and reporting on all accountability initiatives throughout your organization. In South Africa, this is a handy reporting tool to have when it comes to tracking skills development for your B-BEE score.