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Content Distribution

In this day and age, it’s becoming more common for employees to be flexible in their work environment. Modern technology has made it easy for companies to expand their practices across multiple locations, countries and continents. Not only that but thanks to the World Wide Web and cloud sharing, employees are capable of working anywhere, leading to more and more people working remotely. Unlike the old days, when snail mail made sharing documents a slow process, content distribution now takes place instantaneously, at the click of a button. Convenient, but not without a new set of challenges – rolling out procedures and training, for example.

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Traditional training

If we’re honest, when we think about training, what comes to mind is, long, badly designed PowerPoint presentations, with at least a hundred slides of ‘kill-me-now’ information. Or something thereabouts. Traditional training methods are not only expensive and unproductive but also time-consuming (with no guarantee all your employees will be in attendance) – and in this fast-paced day and age, it’s just not feasible.

Training a dispersed workforce

With OnRamp, content distribution for the dispersed workforce (or any workforce) no longer has to be a logistical nightmare. From onboarding to compliance training and skills development, use OnRamp to effectively train staff across multiple locations. Our cloud-based system makes training and content distribution quick, efficient and fool-proof. Simply build your training on the system and click send. As long as your team has access to the internet and your OnRamp portal, they’ll be able to log in and complete the training. Easy! The best news? They’ll be able to refer back to training manuals whenever they need a refresher.

Risk Mitigation

Every organisation, no matter how big or small, benefits from well-planned regulations. Every company should have risk mitigation strategies in place to protect the organisation and help limit risks to the business. By developing comprehensive workplace policies and procedures, your company can make certain it has the foundations in place in the event of any problematic situations. Employees who are able to identify risks can manage their conduct accordingly to reduce the impact threats to the business. Risk mitigation strategies also assist companies further accountability in the workplace by putting systems into place to hold employees accountable for their actions.

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The first step to risk mitigation is making sure your employees can be held accountable for their compliance. Every business has a list of legal obligations they have to adhere too, from health and safety regulations to the POPI Act. OnRamp provides the tools to create and share policy documents with your team and get them to digitally sign off upon receiving, reading and understanding the content. Not only does this ensure every user has easy access to all policies and procedures, but also creates an electronic audit trail of all user engagement and compliance.


A prominent worry in the digital age is the security of online information. At OnRamp, we understand the importance of keeping your data secure at all times. To eliminate your risk, we back up your data hourly, placing it safe and sound behind firewalls and security systems.

Skills Development

At OnRamp, we’re passionate about skills development and empowering people in the workplace. It’s impossible to invest in your company without investing in your staff – after all, your employees are one of your biggest assets. OnRamp gives you the tools to build online training, send it to your team and track their engagement with the content.

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Testing & Certification

Often staff avoid the testing part and that’s no good to anyone! We want people learning and improving themselves. Assigning tests to your online training ensures employees take the content seriously. The testing process also helps hold your staff accountable for their training, encouraging them to take responsibility for developing their skills.


We realise that staff motivation is super important to them becoming better employee’s, and there’s nothing like a rewards system to drive motivation. With OnRamp, you get certified the minute you pass your test and points can be awarded. Your team’s achievements can all be stored safe and sound within our reporting system – easy to tally when the time comes.

Boost your B-BBEE score

A high B-BBEE rating is a golden ticket in the formal South African economy. Any business wanting the competitive edge wants to rank well on the B-BBEE scorecard. Skills development is one of the crucial elements contributing to your B-BBEE scorecard. It’s also one of the easiest areas to score points. And let’s face it – there are no downsides to upskilling your staff. OnRamp helps make skills development a trouble-free high scorer for any company’s BEE compliance by taking your training online and making it accessible to your employees.

Why Online Training?

Info Optimisation

The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words


Keeping Your Skills Sharp

72% of companies using e-learning feel that it helps them keep up to date and stay highly competitive – Bersin and Associates


Increase Interactivity

The use of multimedia within the learning environment keeps the tech-savvy generation engaged, leading to increased knowledge retention

Staff Engagement

Accountability in the workplace and employee engagement go hand in hand. It’s impossible to sustain a high level of engagement without fostering an accountable culture within your company. Imagine if one team member gave 110% while another barely pulled their weight. Eventually the high performing team member loses the incentive to give it their all, resulting in an overall dip in productivity across the board and eventually employee satisfaction and retention. No one wants that for their business. No, you need your staff to take responsibility for their contributions. You need to encourage accountability. And you can, with OnRamp. From integrating new employees to retaining valuable members of the team and creating a communicative environment, we provide the tools to help ramp up accountability and employee engagement.

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Communication is vital in an open, accountable and engaged workspace. Our system encourages two-way communication, giving employees the option to supply feedback on any of the content you share on your portal. Having this platform to start the conversation helps your staff voice their concerns and ideas, making everyone feel invested in the process.

Engaging Content

OnRamp is purpose-built to ensure the learning experience is an easy and pleasant one. Various multimedia inclusions of videos, pictures and text help with better understanding of content, improve motivation and make your training more engaging. OnRamp has full support for familiar types of Microsoft Office documents.


Assimilating new employees into an organisation is often a crucial element in developing a team that’s productive and high-performing. Understanding the company’s culture and knowing your role within the business plays a huge part in employee engagement. OnRamp ensures the onboarding process remains streamlined, comprehensive and accessible to every new hire, giving them access to company policies and procedures, and introductory training.


Organisational socialisation, ongoing training and a culture of accountability promotes a higher level of commitment and confidence within a company. An empowered, driven workforce who’s given room to grow, naturally works harder and stays longer within a company.

Compliance Governance

Managing your system of people and processes to ensure your organisation is operating at optimal capacity while managing risk and complying to rules and regulations is a mammoth task. OnRamp consolidates your information, storing all your compliance and governance policies and procedures in one place, making it easy to organise across your company.

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As a proficient online training tool, OnRamp enables companies to effectively train staff for B-BBEE purposes. Thanks to the platform tracking and storing every user interaction with your training in one place, submitting data for your B-BBEE audit becomes a quick and pain-free process. When you think about it, B-BBEE compliance has never been easier.

Policies and Procedures

Often company policies and procedures get filed in a dark and dusty room, never to be seen again. Not with OnRamp. Using our platform, you can digitise all your compliance and governance documents and make them readily available to your team. What’s more, the system stores all your user activity, making it easy to see who has and who hasn’t interacted with the company’s processes. This makes it ridiculously easy to manage company rules and regulations across the whole business.  

Regulatory Compliance

With OnRamp, you have the tools to manage your compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Protection of Personal Information Act, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Occupational Health and safety standards. You can compile all the information regarding necessary policies, send to your team and track their engagement.


Data security within the workplace is a major concern in this day and age with its skilled hackers and phishing schemes. OnRamp keeps your data safe and provides a platform to raise security awareness amongst your employees. By using the training, testing and policy documents, companies can deliver informative content to their employees outlying security risks, test their understanding of the content and get digital sign off of their understanding.

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