If we’re honest, when we think about training, what comes to mind is, long, snore-worthy, badly designed PowerPoint presentations, with at least a hundred slides of ‘kill-me-now’ information. Or something thereabouts.

Traditional training methods are not only expensive and unproductive, but also time consuming – and in this fast-paced day and age, it’s just not feasible. Everyone is on the World Wide Web now, why not move your training to the next level and join the cloud revolution.

So why waste precious, hard-earned time and money on training that puts people to sleep and management to bleat? Ramp up your training now with fast, easy and cost-effective online training with OnRamp.

OnRamp is a dynamic, results-driven training management tool that makes use of the latest technologies to help you and your business stay on top of your training regime. It’s your content, delivered to your team, in your time. Go on, get OnRamp!

training management tool

System Requirements

With everything taking place in the cloud, there’s no need for purchasing an onsite server for OnRamp. The system is housed in a secure South African datacentre and is backed up hourly; hardened firewalls and security systems are in place, both ensuring that your data is safe and sound always.

We give you your own private instance of the OnRamp system.  Your employees can access the system via the Internet, by using a secure personalised login and password. The OnRamp system is completely unbiased as to what kind of computer you use – be it PC, Apple Mac or Linux. All that is required is a modern web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and access to the Internet.

If you’re more of a mobile device kind of person, the system can also be accessed on all mobile devices.