Boost your business with OnRamp’s training platform

New year, new system. Not only does 2019 offer you a fresh start to develop and upskill your people, but we’re launching an updated training platform to make all your management processes easier. Yes, you heard us. OnRamp is getting a make-over. In fact, some of you are trying out the new system as we speak. You love it – right? With a streamlined new look and even easier to navigate features, the new build epitomises convenience. It’s everything you want from an online training platform and more. So much more!

Have you discovered all the nifty features geared toward optimising your business management? We’ve already dropped a few hints about some of our newest additions (read all about policy documents in our compliance training blog), but a few of the smaller benefits often slip under the radar. That’s why we’re highlighting some of the handy features you might not have noticed that help make our training platform the ultimate tool.

7 ultra-convenient features built into our training platform

1. CSV uploads

Have you ever painstakingly had to upload a database one individual at a time? Tedious, time-consuming and the polar opposite of fun. Don’t worry – the OnRamp training platform won’t bore you to tears. Whatever the size of your business, adding users in bulk is a quick and easy process with CSV uploads. Now, instead of typing in all 101 employees one by one, you can put together a CSV document (we’ve added a sample spreadsheet to make your life easier) and click ‘Upload CSV’. And just like that, your database of users appears on the system. Easy-peasy!

2. Selective document sharing

Our online training platform also makes document sharing a breeze. Whether you want to send a training manual, test, policy document or memo (yes, we’ve added those too), all you need to do is select the content and assign it. Simple! You have the option to allocate documents to single users, groups of users and the whole database. So if you have a memo that only applies to HR, you can narrow down your selection to that department. The best part? You can also un-assign content. If a document is no longer relevant or was sent to the wrong user by accident, you can recall it at the click of a button.  

training platform

3. Save and edit

Rushing off to a meeting and don’t have time to finish creating a training manual or document? There’s no need to stress you’ll lose all the content you’ve completed so far. With OnRamp, our training platform allows you to edit your manuals at a later stage. As long as you save your document as a draft, you can go back and add more information.

4. Timed tests

To ensure your team completes their tests in a timeous manner, the test details include time limits. There’s a timer on tests which indicates the allocated time a user has to answer all the questions. If a user doesn’t finish within the time limit, they will have to start again. You can also allow up to three attempts for any given test, so if any of your employees fail, they have a chance to try again. It’s also possible to set an expiry date, giving your team a time-frame to complete their online training.

5. Collaboration button

In a busy company, it’s often difficult finding the time to set up meetings for content creation. Our training platform enables you to put your heads together without being in the same room. With the collaboration button, you’re able to share the draft you’re working on with other content creators. Everyone can log on when they have time and add their input. As long as those users have administrative access, they will be able to contribute to their heart’s content.

training platform

6. Content feedback

Not only have we made it easy to collaborate with your administrative users, but we’ve also given your team the tools to communicate their opinion. Next to every document is a feedback content box. If any of your employees have questions or suggestions, they can send them immediately, within the training platform. All the feedback remains in the system, attached with the document it pertains too, keeping all your data in one place for future reference. Neat!

7. User notifications

We don’t want any of your users to miss a thing. They don’t need to keep logging in to discover if they’ve received any new training manuals. Assigned a new test? Sent out a memo? Updated your policy document? Whatever it is, SMS and email notifications will make sure your team gets the news straight away. Ping!

We could go on, listing all the many benefits of OnRamp’s online training platform, but it’s way more fun when you explore for yourself. Excited? Ready to ramp up your staff development? Get in touch today and let one of our OnRamp consultants get you started.