Cybersecurity training: Does your company have an effective strategy?

Are you aware of the importance of cybersecurity training for your employees? We live in a world that is advancing every day. In our personal and professional lives, we are now more reliant on technology than ever before. It’s true – the digital age has revolutionised how we do business. Information is now readily available at the drop of a hat. Signed documents can go from one side of the world to the other without ever printing a page. Instantly. Even the signature is digital!

Thanks to the internet and cloud technologies, everyone, everywhere is connected. While this is convenient for business, it does come with its drawbacks. With all your information stored in cyberspace, there’s more risk. Computer hackers can break through weak firewalls in minutes. Phishing scams convince you to part with personal details without question. Software viruses can take out your systems at the click of a button. In this day and age, no business is completely protected against cyber attacks. Indeed, many of these attacks happen right under our noses, sometimes without us being none the wiser. Creating awareness of cybersecurity attacks is one of the first steps your business can take to minimise the risk. With ongoing cybersecurity training, vigilance will become second nature to your employees.

cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity training for employees

While we’re all aware that cyber attacks exist, we don’t always recognise the signs. Can your employees identify a phishing email? Do they know not to click on unsafe links? The unfortunate fact is that most security breaches are accidental due to lack of knowledge. By utilising cybersecurity training, businesses can work towards preventing valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. With the right procedures in place, employees have the tools to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Engaging cybersecurity training should be mandatory for all staff members working with computers. Not as a once off, but as a continuous process. As hackers and scams evolve, so should your training content. Don’t merely instil security habits. Instead, create awareness and a sense of responsibility. Include security protocols the moment a new staff member joins the team, and reevaluate them regularly. It’s never too late to introduce cybersecurity training into your workplace. Use these three tips to get started:

Engage your employees

As with all staff training, cybersecurity awareness needs to be relevant and interesting. Boring content won’t leave a lasting impression. Challenge your employees with engaging content without making the material too difficult or too easy.

Track your training

The key to maintaining security is tracking your data. Keep track of how your employees interact with your training material. Monitoring their results allows you to adapt and improve your training as and when necessary.

Be original

Make an impact with your training material. Make your content unique to your company and use a variety of multimedia.

Ramp up your cybersecurity training

With OnRamp, you can implement cybersecurity training across your business with ease. Our online platform provides a secure system that can be accessed by your employees on all devices. From here, create engaging training manuals for your team and track their progress. It is also easy to update, making it simple to maintain relevant training.

Discover how you can get your company started with online cybersecurity training. Learn more about the OnRamp features and let one of our consultants answer all your questions.