Online Learning: Is it is right for you?

Online learning, or e-learning as it is more commonly known these days, is the ability to learn via electronic media, typically by use of the internet. It allows you to study in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space – most of the time.

Online learning can be a super tool for those who need to work fulltime while studying. It is also great for fulltime students who wish to take some extra lessons or courses over and above their day-to-day studies.

For companies needing to educate their staff on a continual basis, online learning is the way to go. With OnRamp, you can easily send out training manuals to be completed online, with a few clicks of a button. You can add loads of different resources to your playbooks, so that your staff are fully equipped for their online learning experience, and ready to crack that learning. Upload resources such as instructional videos; demonstrations; PowerPoints; recording of live lessons/presentations; or downloadable documents for an optimal online learning experience.

Some people are however, skeptical about online learning, as they believe that it only works for certain personality types or learning styles. We believe though that online learning can be great for everyone, regardless of learning styles – it just depends on what resources are made available.

When we talk about learning styles, we refer to the four different categories that people fit into. These learning styles include: visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing learners or kinesthetic learners. Everyone should know their particular learning style in order to get the maximum benefit from online learning and learning in general.

Here’s a look at what each learning style entails:

Auditory Learners: They love to listen! Auditory learners get the most out of learning through hearing things spoken out loud. For example, reading out loud to themselves; listening to audio clips or videos; explaining things to others; listening to pre-recorded lectures or spoken instructions. Any auditory resources will go a long way with this type of learner!

Visual Learners: They have a keen eye! Visual learners work best by seeing and visualising a relationship between different ideas. They are good with spelling, colour, understanding charts and diagrams and generally like to have a quiet space to learn by sight. Visual learners will do well with resources such as images or PowerPoint presentations.

Kinesthetic Learners: They are good doers! Kinesthetic learners do well at tasks that keep them busy and less distracted. They have the ability to work in a noisy environment as background noise does not affect their ability to learn. Kinesthetic learners will do well with interactive videos that require them to make or build something – so for example, they could be required to submit a project with the process of how they changed a tyre (an employee working for a car company).

Reading/Writing Learners: They have that nerd factor! This is an obvious one – reading/writing learners learn best through writing down ideas and reading land interacting with text. They are good at researching by reading and finding information to help in their learning process. They are good at writing notes and studying through this process. Reading/writing learners will do best with written projects and downloadable reading materials – they thrive on a good essay or two.

For companies wishing to train staff through OnRamp, it may be a good idea to find out your staff’s learning styles and capabilities before creating playbooks for them. With OnRamp’s unlimited users functionality, it is very simple to create different playbooks for each user or different groups of users, according to their learning style and what would work best for them. There is so much flexibility with the system, that it is almost impossible for anyone not to be able to learn online and benefit from online learning.

We believe that online learning is the way of the future and is beneficial to all age groups and personalities. If done correctly, online learning can be fun, interactive and a fantastic asset to any person or company.

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