Corporate training: Does it really have to be such a bore?

The very word ‘train’, can leave people with a shiver down their spine. Training in any form often means boredom, hard work or loads of pressure from outsiders.

Add the word corporate to training and you immediately have everyone breaking out in yawns and groans. The stigma that surrounds corporate training is one of dry, dull and lengthy lectures that benefit no one, except for allowing them some time to nap during working hours.

OnRamp is here to break the cycle of boredom and the myths that surround these corporate training sessions.

Here are a few myths that exist in this day and age around corporate training and how we feel OnRamp does and will break these myths.

Myth No.1: More training (lots of it) is the only way to improve employee performance (just pump it into them until they get it).

No. Training is more about quality as opposed to quantity. An employee will not become more skilled with more hours of training if the training material does not cover relevant information. It is better to focus on providing quality training materials that are loaded with great content and can be completed in a short time, as opposed to a lengthy training guide filled with drawn-out information. Your employees will thank you for short and concise training. With OnRamp, you can create specific topics or Playbooks that are filled with quality resources to ensure that training is relevant to each employee’s role or department within the company.

Myth No.2: Training is only necessary for newbies (to get them in line quickly).

Absolutely not. Imagine you have employees that have been working for your company for 10 years and the last time they received training was when they first started! Ongoing training for staff is critical, to keep them up to date with the latest information and excited about their roles. Training will also increase their skillset, creating a more valuable team.

With OnRamp, you have the ability to continually train as many employees as you like with our ‘unlimited users’ functionality. Our system also allows for great reporting on how staff interact with and cope with the training material and to measure the KPIs for performance management and to gauge which areas need further training.

Myth No.3: Corporate training is snore-worthy and dry to the bone.

If training is done right, this myth is 100% false. If you take the time to create content that is engaging and interesting, then there should never be a reason for any employee to find the training boring. When employees see how beneficial and interactive the training material is, they will want to learn and complete it.

OnRamp is fully online and accessible at any time of day, which is hugely beneficial.  This allows employees to do the training in their own time and at their own pace, and to engage with the training material in a less pressured environment. OnRamp also has the ability to incorporate multi-modal resources, which means adding images and videos to help create content that is fun and interactive.

Remember: Your attitude towards training will directly impact the way your employees react to training. If you are excited about it, they will be too!

Myth No.4: Employees should complete every bit of training that is created for the company.

Would you make a 5-year old watch a video on how to start a business? Likewise, would you make an adult watch a kiddies video to teach them something? No, because they are completely different age groups and require different content to be stimulated. It is the same with your employees. They should be given training material that is relevant to their skillset and department. The accounts department would probably not need to do the same training as say the marketing department – they are different areas completely.

With OnRamp’s easy-to-use system, you can group users according to their department and requirements and allocate the relevant training guides to each person, so that they don’t have to complete the entire organisations worth of Playbooks, which would just be messy and impractical.

Myth No.5: There’s just no time to create training material.

There’s no need to burn the midnight oil to get a training manual complete, whilst pulling out your hair. OnRamp training does not need to be created from scratch. You can easily take material that is already created and add to or edit it. You can also attach fun and interactive resources to your Playbook, making it an exciting process for both you and your employees. Our system allows employees to get involved by creating their own content such as demo video’s and creative imagery.

Creating training material does not have to be an arduous, boring task for those creating it as well as those engaging in it. OnRamp allows for quick, easy and fun Playbooks and in fact, we encourage this kind of content more than anything. You can train hundreds of different staff at the click of a button and allow for everyone to enjoy it at the same time.

Don’t leave your staff untrained, get OnRamp and start creating fun, informative and interactive content today!