Cybersecurity training: Does your company have an effective strategy?

Are you aware of the importance of cybersecurity training for your employees? We live in a world that is advancing every day. In our personal and professional lives, we are now more reliant on technology than ever before. It’s true – the digital age has revolutionised how we do business. Information is now readily available at the drop of a hat. Signed documents can go from one side of the world to the other without ever printing a page. Instantly. Even the signature is digital!

Thanks to the internet and cloud technologies, everyone, everywhere is connected. While this is convenient for business, it does come with its drawbacks. With all your information stored in cyberspace, there’s more risk. Computer hackers can break through weak firewalls in minutes. Phishing scams convince you to part with personal details without question. Software viruses can take out your systems at the click of a button. In this day and age, no business is completely protected against cyber attacks. Indeed, many of these attacks happen right under our noses, sometimes without us being none the wiser. Creating awareness of cybersecurity attacks is one of the first steps your business can take to minimise the risk. With ongoing cybersecurity training, vigilance will become second nature to your employees.

cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity training for employees

While we’re all aware that cyber attacks exist, we don’t always recognise the signs. Can your employees identify a phishing email? Do they know not to click on unsafe links? The unfortunate fact is that most security breaches are accidental due to lack of knowledge. By utilising cybersecurity training, businesses can work towards preventing valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. With the right procedures in place, employees have the tools to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Engaging cybersecurity training should be mandatory for all staff members working with computers. Not as a once off, but as a continuous process. As hackers and scams evolve, so should your training content. Don’t merely instil security habits. Instead, create awareness and a sense of responsibility. Include security protocols the moment a new staff member joins the team, and reevaluate them regularly. It’s never too late to introduce cybersecurity training into your workplace. Use these three tips to get started:

Engage your employees

As with all staff training, cybersecurity awareness needs to be relevant and interesting. Boring content won’t leave a lasting impression. Challenge your employees with engaging content without making the material too difficult or too easy.

Track your training

The key to maintaining security is tracking your data. Keep track of how your employees interact with your training material. Monitoring their results allows you to adapt and improve your training as and when necessary.

Be original

Make an impact with your training material. Make your content unique to your company and use a variety of multimedia.

Ramp up your cybersecurity training

With OnRamp, you can implement cybersecurity training across your business with ease. Our online platform provides a secure system that can be accessed by your employees on all devices. From here, create engaging training manuals for your team and track their progress. It is also easy to update, making it simple to maintain relevant training.

Discover how you can get your company started with online cybersecurity training. Learn more about the OnRamp features and let one of our consultants answer all your questions.

Online learning strategies: Tips for success

Online learning is a rising trend in both the educational system and the workplace. It is not uncommon for employers to deliver new content to their staff via online training platforms instead of setting up seminars or conferences. Online learning is an easily accessible and favourable method of training.

Strategies for online learning

Online learning is not necessarily an easier way to learn, just a more convenient one. It can actually be harder than sitting in a classroom or seminar because you are ultimately the one responsible for your learning. It’s up to you to review the study materials and facilitate how best to assimilate the information. Follow these simple strategies to ensure the highest level of success:

Determine your learning style

The benefit of online learning is that the materials can be presented in a variety of ways, from videos to graphs to pictures to text. You can take advantage of this by determining which style of learning suits you best and then tailoring your studies to that style. There are four types of learners; visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.

Time-management is key

One of the biggest considerations in successful online learning is being able to manage your own time. There’s no appointed time to attend a class, making it your own responsibility to set study time aside from work to go through and complete the course material yourself.

Make sure you have reliable internet access

Online learning, as the name suggests, requires internet access. Without it, you won’t be able to retrieve the online training material or stay up-to-date with any changes. Remember to save your work continuously to ensure nothing gets lost due to technical glitches.

Have a dedicated workspace

Whether you study best in your living room or your office, it’s important to find a study space that is quiet, organized, and distraction-free. Considering turning off your phone and social media during dedicated study time to avoid interruptions.

Participate in online discussions

Engaging in online forums and connecting with peers is beneficial to the learning process. It allows for the discussion of new ideas and creates a sense of community which lends itself to the desire to succeed. Discussing the online training material also helps with better retention of that newly learned knowledge.

Identify your goals

To achieve your online learning goals you need to start by identifying them. Once you know what you’re working towards, you will be able to put steps in place to ensure you stay focused on the end result.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

While it’s always constructive to search for your own solution when you come across content you don’t understand, also don’t hesitate to ask for help if you can’t find any answers. The purpose of online learning is to acquire knowledge, so ask as many questions as you can to learn as much as possible.


If you keep these tips in mind while tackling your next online learning course, you are sure to set yourself up for success. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of online learning, then head over to the OnRamp online training platform to find out all you need to know.

Online training, skills development and why it’s so important.

In this day and age, businesses are increasingly moving away from the traditional methods of training and leaning more towards using online training and skills development. Online training is the teaching of skills and knowledge through an electronic-based medium using modern technology such as computers and the internet rather than face-to-face-in-a-classroom structures.  

Why should your business employ online training?

Online training and skills development are highly versatile and greatly beneficial to both your business and your employees. The online training process is continuous and is advantageous to all your staff regardless of their level of experience. Take a look at a few benefits of online training and why you should incorporate these in your day-to-day business practices:

The benefits of online training

Convenience and flexibility: Employees can learn from any location with a computer or mobile device that has an internet connection, enabling them to go at their own pace to ensure they absorb the information sufficiently. Refresher online courses are also a great way to increase the probability of your employees remembering the skills they have learned. In addition, training online allows for more self-directed learning which has proved to empower employees. This leads to increased engagement and confidence, which goes a long way to improving performance and productivity. A definite plus for your business.

Ease of accessibility and scalable nature: New ideas and training modules can easily be shared with a large number of employees without having to arrange a time for everyone to get together. This makes it highly accessible to your employees and keeps the whole business up to date when new procedures and processes are introduced.

Retain information: It eliminates the messy process of note-taking, instead, providing all the information in an easily accessible online format and the use of videos in the learning process has shown to help improve retention of information.

Personalise the learning experience: Online training allows employees to complete it in a manner which is conducive for their learning styles. They also benefit from receiving feedback straight away, without the lengthy process of manual evaluation of work.

Easily Measurable: The added bonus of online training is that it is quantifiable, and your business can keep track of the progress of your staff as well as the training itself, allowing for adjustments to be made continuously.

The importance of online training and skills development in your business is endless and ultimately benefits both you as the employer and your employees. It helps your business create a better quality and effectiveness of training at an affordable cost that is easily accessible and learnable while promoting confidence in your employees. A knowledgeable employee is a great asset to any business. Get your business set up with online training today!

Online Learning: Is it is right for you?

Online learning, or e-learning as it is more commonly known these days, is the ability to learn via electronic media, typically by use of the internet. It allows you to study in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space – most of the time.

Online learning can be a super tool for those who need to work fulltime while studying. It is also great for fulltime students who wish to take some extra lessons or courses over and above their day-to-day studies.

For companies needing to educate their staff on a continual basis, online learning is the way to go. With OnRamp, you can easily send out training manuals to be completed online, with a few clicks of a button. You can add loads of different resources to your playbooks, so that your staff are fully equipped for their online learning experience, and ready to crack that learning. Upload resources such as instructional videos; demonstrations; PowerPoints; recording of live lessons/presentations; or downloadable documents for an optimal online learning experience.

Some people are however, skeptical about online learning, as they believe that it only works for certain personality types or learning styles. We believe though that online learning can be great for everyone, regardless of learning styles – it just depends on what resources are made available.

When we talk about learning styles, we refer to the four different categories that people fit into. These learning styles include: visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing learners or kinesthetic learners. Everyone should know their particular learning style in order to get the maximum benefit from online learning and learning in general.

Here’s a look at what each learning style entails:

Auditory Learners: They love to listen! Auditory learners get the most out of learning through hearing things spoken out loud. For example, reading out loud to themselves; listening to audio clips or videos; explaining things to others; listening to pre-recorded lectures or spoken instructions. Any auditory resources will go a long way with this type of learner!

Visual Learners: They have a keen eye! Visual learners work best by seeing and visualising a relationship between different ideas. They are good with spelling, colour, understanding charts and diagrams and generally like to have a quiet space to learn by sight. Visual learners will do well with resources such as images or PowerPoint presentations.

Kinesthetic Learners: They are good doers! Kinesthetic learners do well at tasks that keep them busy and less distracted. They have the ability to work in a noisy environment as background noise does not affect their ability to learn. Kinesthetic learners will do well with interactive videos that require them to make or build something – so for example, they could be required to submit a project with the process of how they changed a tyre (an employee working for a car company).

Reading/Writing Learners: They have that nerd factor! This is an obvious one – reading/writing learners learn best through writing down ideas and reading land interacting with text. They are good at researching by reading and finding information to help in their learning process. They are good at writing notes and studying through this process. Reading/writing learners will do best with written projects and downloadable reading materials – they thrive on a good essay or two.

For companies wishing to train staff through OnRamp, it may be a good idea to find out your staff’s learning styles and capabilities before creating playbooks for them. With OnRamp’s unlimited users functionality, it is very simple to create different playbooks for each user or different groups of users, according to their learning style and what would work best for them. There is so much flexibility with the system, that it is almost impossible for anyone not to be able to learn online and benefit from online learning.

We believe that online learning is the way of the future and is beneficial to all age groups and personalities. If done correctly, online learning can be fun, interactive and a fantastic asset to any person or company.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you learn in the best possible way!


Corporate training: Does it really have to be such a bore?

The very word ‘train’, can leave people with a shiver down their spine. Training in any form often means boredom, hard work or loads of pressure from outsiders.

Add the word corporate to training and you immediately have everyone breaking out in yawns and groans. The stigma that surrounds corporate training is one of dry, dull and lengthy lectures that benefit no one, except for allowing them some time to nap during working hours.

OnRamp is here to break the cycle of boredom and the myths that surround these corporate training sessions.

Here are a few myths that exist in this day and age around corporate training and how we feel OnRamp does and will break these myths.

Myth No.1: More training (lots of it) is the only way to improve employee performance (just pump it into them until they get it).

No. Training is more about quality as opposed to quantity. An employee will not become more skilled with more hours of training if the training material does not cover relevant information. It is better to focus on providing quality training materials that are loaded with great content and can be completed in a short time, as opposed to a lengthy training guide filled with drawn-out information. Your employees will thank you for short and concise training. With OnRamp, you can create specific topics or Playbooks that are filled with quality resources to ensure that training is relevant to each employee’s role or department within the company.

Myth No.2: Training is only necessary for newbies (to get them in line quickly).

Absolutely not. Imagine you have employees that have been working for your company for 10 years and the last time they received training was when they first started! Ongoing training for staff is critical, to keep them up to date with the latest information and excited about their roles. Training will also increase their skillset, creating a more valuable team.

With OnRamp, you have the ability to continually train as many employees as you like with our ‘unlimited users’ functionality. Our system also allows for great reporting on how staff interact with and cope with the training material and to measure the KPIs for performance management and to gauge which areas need further training.

Myth No.3: Corporate training is snore-worthy and dry to the bone.

If training is done right, this myth is 100% false. If you take the time to create content that is engaging and interesting, then there should never be a reason for any employee to find the training boring. When employees see how beneficial and interactive the training material is, they will want to learn and complete it.

OnRamp is fully online and accessible at any time of day, which is hugely beneficial.  This allows employees to do the training in their own time and at their own pace, and to engage with the training material in a less pressured environment. OnRamp also has the ability to incorporate multi-modal resources, which means adding images and videos to help create content that is fun and interactive.

Remember: Your attitude towards training will directly impact the way your employees react to training. If you are excited about it, they will be too!

Myth No.4: Employees should complete every bit of training that is created for the company.

Would you make a 5-year old watch a video on how to start a business? Likewise, would you make an adult watch a kiddies video to teach them something? No, because they are completely different age groups and require different content to be stimulated. It is the same with your employees. They should be given training material that is relevant to their skillset and department. The accounts department would probably not need to do the same training as say the marketing department – they are different areas completely.

With OnRamp’s easy-to-use system, you can group users according to their department and requirements and allocate the relevant training guides to each person, so that they don’t have to complete the entire organisations worth of Playbooks, which would just be messy and impractical.

Myth No.5: There’s just no time to create training material.

There’s no need to burn the midnight oil to get a training manual complete, whilst pulling out your hair. OnRamp training does not need to be created from scratch. You can easily take material that is already created and add to or edit it. You can also attach fun and interactive resources to your Playbook, making it an exciting process for both you and your employees. Our system allows employees to get involved by creating their own content such as demo video’s and creative imagery.

Creating training material does not have to be an arduous, boring task for those creating it as well as those engaging in it. OnRamp allows for quick, easy and fun Playbooks and in fact, we encourage this kind of content more than anything. You can train hundreds of different staff at the click of a button and allow for everyone to enjoy it at the same time.

Don’t leave your staff untrained, get OnRamp and start creating fun, informative and interactive content today!

Online learning: As easy as 1,2,3 …

The way that we learn these days is so different to the way it was ten years ago, even five years ago. The world is changing at such a rapid rate, with new technologies being introduced constantly. The days of rushing to the library to copy some notes from the encyclopedia are long gone. Now, the only rushing that happens, is to the laptop: Google has all the answers you could possibly need, and then some.

Learning has also taken a turn in the last couple of years, with online learning and training now available at our fingertips. The internet has become an invaluable resource for education, and with the introduction of on-demand learning and learning from your computer, in your own space and in your own time – the world of education has opened up like never before.

Some of the benefits of online training and learning

Immediate and Cost-effective:

Benefit for students:
Little to no transport is required to hop onto the internet for a lesson. Lessons can also take place immediately, at the click of a button – no need to wait in long lines or sit in traffic for ages to get to class – you can simply walk from your bedroom to the study and voila, the lesson begins.

Benefit for companies:
There’s no need to hire out expensive venues to host hundreds of people, or worry about where they will park, eat and how comfy they’ll be. Online presentations and webinars allow you to reach thousands of people at the click of a button, increasing the flexibility of learning all round.

In OnRamp, you can attach multiple types of visual and downloadable resources to encourage optimal engagement from your audience, and with so many free tools and software available, like screen recording, graphics and slide shows, providing really engaging training content has never been easier and more cost effective.


Benefit for students:
With the ease of access to mobile devices, online training is conveniently available wherever you are. The beauty of learning online is that you don’t have to be in a class at the moment it happens. Lessons can easily be downloaded at a later stage, when it is convenient for you.

Benefit for companies:
Online training works well for businesses who need to plan a group session – they can easily download a pre-recorded webinar or presentation and show it to a team of individuals at a set time. If you are uploading training sessions, you can do this weeks in advance, without needing to be present at the time of the lesson.

Fun and Easy:

Benefit for students:
No more hot classrooms, surrounded by loads of people and sitting on hard chairs. Instead, you can sit in the comfort of your home, possibly even in your pj’s and learn at your leisure. It’s a much easier option and affords you the opportunity to actually enjoy your learning experience.

Benefit for companies:
Providing your team with an online training platform leaves a lot more room for a good return on your training investment – your costs will be lower and your time more efficiently utilised. Simply offering your team access to an online training platform like OnRamp, where they can login at their leisure and complete your training at any time – will allow for upskilling of your human resources, even while you hit the zzz’s.