Introducing… new features!

Here at OnRamp, we love updating our training platform to ensure your user experience is top-notch. We are continually looking for ways to develop our platform to create an efficient, easy to use tool designed to make staff training a breeze.

We are launching some awesome new features, guaranteed to increase your user experience. Keep reading to discover what these features are:

Link to your website

We know your company image is important to you. Already, we have features allowing you to modify the platform to your own look and feel. Our newest feature is designed to make switching between the OnRamp training platform and your company website as easy as possible. You can now visit your company’s website by clicking on the logo featured on your Login Page. That’s right. You now have direct access to your company website from the training platform. Simple and convenient.

Export reports

We all know that spreadsheets come with the territory when running a business. Creating excel sheets can be a tiresome job but thanks to our new feature, user reports will be a piece of cake. Beautifully presented reports on all your users can now be exported straight from your User Management Library. Get all your information delivered in a clear, uncomplicated report.

Send users completed tests

Now your standard users can be sent a copy of their completed tests. Once a user has finished a test it can be sent to their email, with or without the correct answers highlighted. When an Administrator is building a test they can select “Email Summary on Completion” to send the completed test with only the user’s answers, or “Highlight Answers on Summary” to include the correct answers.

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started testing out the latest feature releases. Don’t have OnRamp yet? Get started today. Contact us here to get the ball rolling.

14 Reasons why we LOVE online training

It’s the month of love. Here at OnRamp, we’re passionate about upskilling employees through online training. In fact, when it comes to learning new skills and increasing knowledge, we’re completely smitten. There’s nothing to get your heart racing quite like the allure of improving yourself in the workplace.

With our online training platform, we can share the love of learning far and wide. Your employees will relish in the ease and efficiency of having all their training content in one place. What is it about online training that makes us all of a flutter and weak at the knees? We’ll tell you:

It’s customisable

You can put together content specific to your employee’s job descriptions and company profile. Training can be targeted to different groups within the business, ensuring everyone is receiving the information aimed at growing the skills they need. With OnRamp, you can even customise your training portal to reflect the look and feel of your business.

It’s flexible

Online training can be done anywhere, at any time. Gone are the days of running around after a group of people and trying to get them all in the same room. OnRamp is 100% cloud-based. As long as you have an internet connection you can complete your training wherever you are – you can even use your mobile device.

Employees can work at their own pace

Having your training online, allows your employees to go through the material at a speed which suits them. Every member of your staff will get the most out of their training. No one will feel like they have to keep up with anyone else or get frustrated if the pace isn’t fast enough.

It promotes interaction

Have you been to a traditional seminar? Some of the participants will actively engage while others sit at the back sneaking glances at their phones. With online training, all members of the team can interact with the course and benefit from the material.

It’s measurable

With OnRamp, your training is all found in one place. Training manuals results, and information are all stored on the cloud-based system, making it easy to retrieve and quantify. You can track each staff member’s progress individually, making personal assessments a breeze.

Keep the company up-to-date

New offices processes and company objectives can be rolled out via the online training platform. Employees can be notified and given access to material immediately. OnRamp allows you to create user groups and assign training to specific people.

It’s continuous

Online training provides a space for continuous learning. With OnRamp, your training manuals are stored in the cloud and your users can access them over again. Any employee can go back and refresh their memory if they need to.

Perfect for new employees

All your compliance training is already set up. New employees can work through the material as an induction to the company.

It’s cost-effective

There are many expenses involved in planning a seminar; venue hire, instructor, material, travel, time off work – not to mention the sheer amount of work involved. Having all your training online, in one place cuts down on the external costs. You can also use your training material multiple times, eliminating the need to pay for additional seminars for new staff.

It helps your BEE score

BEE (BBBEE) compliance is beneficial for any business wanting to participate in the formal South African economy. Skills development is a priority element, contributing highly to your score. The use of online training to upskill staff is both flexible and convenient. Most importantly, it provides a platform for storing all your data, making it easy to track for compliance.

It’s convenient

All your training is stored in one place. Your content, employee results, reports, everything is easy to find and impossible to lose. It’s also great for the environment as nothing needs to be printed out, even your tests are online.

It’s diverse

Online training provides the opportunity to use multiple resources within your course material. With OnRamp, you can add powerpoint, images, videos, text, and even audio. Diverse content makes your training more engaging and speaks to a variety of learning styles.

It improves retention

The use of multimedia in your training content provides a rich learning experience. Interacting with the material helps employees retain the information for longer. Leading to a knowledgeable and skilled staff always at the top of their game.

It’s motivational

People want to improve their skills. Competitive people in the work environment want the opportunity to increase their knowledge and move upwards in their careers. Providing online training for your staff increases their skills and boosts the company at the same time. Invest in your employees and they will invest in you.

Share the love of learning with your employees. Get OnRamp today and start making content-rich training manuals. Contact us here.