The connection between training and employee performance

At OnRamp, we believe upskilling your staff not only benefits your bottom line but promotes employee confidence and empowerment, leading to an improved long-term performance in the workplace. A business who invests in their greatest assets (that’s your employees, by the way) will always be at the top of their game.

Why training improves performance

In today’s society, career development is important to employees. Millennials, in particular, are looking for jobs that will enable them to learn new skills and improve themselves. A happy employee works harder and performs at a higher level than an unhappy one. No company wants a dejected workforce. By developing your team members through training you are helping them define their goals and career path within the company. It’s no secret, people who know and love what they do, do it well.

Training enhances job knowledge, skills, and ability

This is a no-brainer. Training results in employees gaining the necessary knowledge and skills they need to perform their job. An employee who is knowledgeable about what they do will feel more comfortable and confident in their job and perform at a higher standard than an employee who has no training or knowledge. Investing in your employees by providing them training also helps to improve their attitude towards their work, which is an important factor for boosting performance. A good attitude equals a good work ethic!

Increased employee satisfaction

Employees who have a better understanding of the workings of a company and their role within it generally have a higher level of job satisfaction. A satisfied employee has higher self-esteem and pride in their work. Offering your employees training also helps enhance morale in the workplace. When people feel that they are a part of an organisation they work harder and perform better.

Create a positive commitment to the company

Successful training provides accurate and relevant information to an employee’s specific job. It is a key component in employee commitment and performance. Offering your staff the opportunity to learn and grow prevents them from feeling stagnant in their role. A company that promotes positivity and support through training will retain their employees for longer. Training also inspires brand culture which increases loyalty and commitment. Loyal employees are hard workers and invested in their jobs.

Invest in your employees

Employees who receive regular training and feedback perform at a higher level to meet the increased expectations that come with a rise in knowledge. When your employees feel like you are investing in their future with the company they are more likely to work harder. Remember, your staff are the lifeforce of your company, making them feel valued can only ever benefit your business.

There is no downside to providing continuous staff training. Knowledgeable employees have greater skill and ability and perform to a higher standard. Training doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. With OnRamp, training your staff is a piece of cake. The online training platform allows training manuals to be easily created and accessed by staff. This ensures training can be convenient and ongoing for all levels of staff.

Discover more about the OnRamp Online Training Platform here.

New Features Alert!

Have you heard about OnRamp’s new features?

Here at OnRamp, we are enthusiastic about development and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our system, ensuring our user’s experience is as easy as pie!

With that said, have you heard about our new features? We understand just how important user experience is – it’s what sets us apart! With the release of these awesome new features, all sorts of things can now be done.

Print your PlayBooks

With the amount of time you’ve spent creating these beautiful PlayBooks, it would be silly to keep them all to yourself! As an admin, PlayBooks and Tests can now be printed and downloaded for record keeping.

It’s super simple too, either click print to get a PDF copy of your PlayBook or Test with reference to all your additional resources or click download for a zipped folder of your PDF copy and all the resources attached. 


Well that’s not all – even standard users can be given the ability to print PlayBooks from their student portal. We understand different people learn different ways, which is why we’re giving you the option to complement your staff and their learning styles. As an Admin, when building your PlayBook, you’ll notice an option to make your PlayBook printable. Simply select YES or NO – neat, right?


Attach an MP3 file

Along with all the multimedia that can currently be attached to your PlayBooks, we’ve added Audio to the resource list. This means you can add MP3 files, making the learning experience even more engaging than it already is.


Ace that Test!

At OnRamp, we like to ensure the learning experience is an easy and motivating one. Now, standard users can take a test directly from their PlayBook. Just click on the take test button at the end of your Playbook and get started, easy as pie.


Send reminders

To make your job a little easier we’ve added the option to set Test Expiry Notification Intervals. Your team will never miss out on a Test again, simply send a notification to remind them to complete Tests that have an expiry date. Say goodbye to excuses and say hello to happy, trained staff!

Coming soon!

Are you on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear what’s coming next? If the news of new features makes you as excited as it does us, then you’ll be thrilled to hear what’s in the pipeline.

We’re currently working on three new features:

Now that you know all about our new features, we’re sure you can’t wait to explore them. If you aren’t yet using OnRamp for all your staff training, contact us here to get started.

Online learning strategies: Tips for success

Online learning is a rising trend in both the educational system and the workplace. It is not uncommon for employers to deliver new content to their staff via online training platforms instead of setting up seminars or conferences. Online learning is an easily accessible and favourable method of training.

Strategies for online learning

Online learning is not necessarily an easier way to learn, just a more convenient one. It can actually be harder than sitting in a classroom or seminar because you are ultimately the one responsible for your learning. It’s up to you to review the study materials and facilitate how best to assimilate the information. Follow these simple strategies to ensure the highest level of success:

Determine your learning style

The benefit of online learning is that the materials can be presented in a variety of ways, from videos to graphs to pictures to text. You can take advantage of this by determining which style of learning suits you best and then tailoring your studies to that style. There are four types of learners; visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.

Time-management is key

One of the biggest considerations in successful online learning is being able to manage your own time. There’s no appointed time to attend a class, making it your own responsibility to set study time aside from work to go through and complete the course material yourself.

Make sure you have reliable internet access

Online learning, as the name suggests, requires internet access. Without it, you won’t be able to retrieve the online training material or stay up-to-date with any changes. Remember to save your work continuously to ensure nothing gets lost due to technical glitches.

Have a dedicated workspace

Whether you study best in your living room or your office, it’s important to find a study space that is quiet, organized, and distraction-free. Considering turning off your phone and social media during dedicated study time to avoid interruptions.

Participate in online discussions

Engaging in online forums and connecting with peers is beneficial to the learning process. It allows for the discussion of new ideas and creates a sense of community which lends itself to the desire to succeed. Discussing the online training material also helps with better retention of that newly learned knowledge.

Identify your goals

To achieve your online learning goals you need to start by identifying them. Once you know what you’re working towards, you will be able to put steps in place to ensure you stay focused on the end result.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

While it’s always constructive to search for your own solution when you come across content you don’t understand, also don’t hesitate to ask for help if you can’t find any answers. The purpose of online learning is to acquire knowledge, so ask as many questions as you can to learn as much as possible.


If you keep these tips in mind while tackling your next online learning course, you are sure to set yourself up for success. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of online learning, then head over to the OnRamp online training platform to find out all you need to know.