Seven learning trends to boost your 2019 employee training

Another year, done and dusted. Phew! As the festive period gathers momentum, everyone in the office has one eye on the holidays, except, perhaps, the top executives and human resources. For them, the end of the year is the time to review employee performance and plan for a bigger and better 2019. After all, it’s no secret your employees are your biggest asset. Investing in their development can only ever boost your business. Regardless of how well your 2018 panned out, there’s always room for improvement in the corporate world. So, how can you prepare your team for a prosperous new year? By ramping up your training with 2019’s hottest learning trends! We’ve even upgraded our system to give you an improved user experience.

There’s no denying. In a high-tech world that’s changing every second, it’s crucial to keep your training methods ahead of the curve. Nowadays, most people source their information online, making the most of present-day technology. Incorporating technology and personalised training in your skills development is the way to go to grow employee skills and engagement. Luckily, with OnRamp’s online training platform, developing your team is a piece of (Christmas) cake. Use our favourite learning trends below to set your 2019 training up for success.

Ramp up skills development with these 2019 learning trends:

Align your goals

At the start of each year, you have a plan for your business – your goals and growth. The same should apply to your employee training. Proper planning and commitment to staff development are necessary if you want your team and company to grow. For your team to reach its full potential, management and HR need to work together to develop an effective strategy. Not planning would be a waste of resources and opportunity. By coming together, leaders can define the practices most beneficial to the organisation’s performance. This learning trend is the first step to creating the foundation of your company’s learning culture. We’ve made it easier for you to plan your training with the introduction of templates. Simply add your content to an existing outline and send. Couldn’t be easier! And, for those who like to start from scratch, you can still build your own.

learning trends

Plan for the future

If you want your company to flourish, you need to cultivate the talent within your ranks. It’s never too early to identify future leaders and grow their skills. Design training focused on building communication and problem-solving skills targeted for leadership candidates. It’s a cinch with our platform. After you create your training, you can assign it to specific members of your team. By implementing this type of training from the moment new employees arrive, you’ll be building forward-thinking teams capable of tackling challenges head-on. Not only that, we’ve added the extra convenience of Policy Documents. These help you roll out and track your compliance training, making sure everyone knows their responsibilities from the start. As learning trends go, this one is crucial to maintaining a healthy business.

Emphasise communication

A well-rounded team is not only tech-savvy, but they also have a good repertoire of soft skills. Increasingly, the generation entering today’s workforce comes armed with technological knowledge, but lacking the level of soft skills seen in previous generations. You can boost your business in 2019 by developing your team’s social skills. It’s a valuable investment, promoting collaboration and negotiation. Not to mention, soft skill training also helps encourage employee retention and company culture. There’s a great new feature on our system to help your team communicate – Memos. Whether it’s a quick note, question or handy nugget of information, anyone using your platform can send a memo out to other users. So straightforward and effective.

Increase gamification

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Did you read the heading and picture training in the form of a video game? You wouldn’t be the first. But no, gamification does not mean you have to turn your compliance into something resembling Minecraft. It’s the term for a progressive reward system, like that of modern video games. Gamification offers an incentive for employees to strive harder and ace their online training. With OnRamp’s online tests, a reward system is easy to put in place. When a member of your team passes the test after a training manual, they get awarded a digital certificate. Even better, this happens immediately – no waiting around to get certified.

Attract new talent

Have you’ve ever asked yourself how to make your company more attractive to new talent? The answer is training. Skills development is often a deciding factor when employees are determining whether to stay or jump ship. Individuals hold personal and professional growth to high regard across all industries. If you haven’t already done so, 2019 is the year to include training as part of your benefits package. It’s easily managed with OnRamp’s online platform. You can create, send and track all your staff training all in one place. Simple!

Focus on the learner

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One of the biggest learning trends to get behind is engagement. Specific training directed towards the individuals in your team has more impact than broad-based content. You want your content to hone in on the work environment and practices. There’s no point sending the accounting team training created for the IT department. Content should also be diverse, incorporating various multi-media to maximise engagement. Videos, pictures, audio clips – make it interesting. We even give you the option to customise your platform, further enhancing user experience and involvement. Now, you can include a welcome video on your homepage, as well as a message at the bottom of the page. Welcoming, motivational, instructive – make it your own with that personal touch.

Digital delivery is king

Be pro-active and flexible with your training. Finding time to fit skills development into the workday is one of the biggest challenges your team faces. But, don’t worry. There is a simple solution. Go digital. Storing and delivering your training on digital and mobile platforms makes it accessible at any time of the day. Your busy team can log in and scroll through training when it’s convenient for them – especially with OnRamp. With our platform, all your training and data sits on the cloud, making it available to your team anywhere, at any time. Convenient!

Now that you’re armed with these learning trends, you can tailor your training to make an impact. Think personal, engaging and accessible. Are you ready to make 2019 the year you boost your skills development? Get in touch to discover how OnRamp can help!

Introducing… new features!

Here at OnRamp, we love updating our training platform to ensure your user experience is top-notch. We are continually looking for ways to develop our platform to create an efficient, easy to use tool designed to make staff training a breeze.

We are launching some awesome new features, guaranteed to increase your user experience. Keep reading to discover what these features are:

Link to your website

We know your company image is important to you. Already, we have features allowing you to modify the platform to your own look and feel. Our newest feature is designed to make switching between the OnRamp training platform and your company website as easy as possible. You can now visit your company’s website by clicking on the logo featured on your Login Page. That’s right. You now have direct access to your company website from the training platform. Simple and convenient.

Export reports

We all know that spreadsheets come with the territory when running a business. Creating excel sheets can be a tiresome job but thanks to our new feature, user reports will be a piece of cake. Beautifully presented reports on all your users can now be exported straight from your User Management Library. Get all your information delivered in a clear, uncomplicated report.

Send users completed tests

Now your standard users can be sent a copy of their completed tests. Once a user has finished a test it can be sent to their email, with or without the correct answers highlighted. When an Administrator is building a test they can select “Email Summary on Completion” to send the completed test with only the user’s answers, or “Highlight Answers on Summary” to include the correct answers.

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started testing out the latest feature releases. Don’t have OnRamp yet? Get started today. Contact us here to get the ball rolling.

New Features Alert!

Have you heard about OnRamp’s new features?

Here at OnRamp, we are enthusiastic about development and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our system, ensuring our user’s experience is as easy as pie!

With that said, have you heard about our new features? We understand just how important user experience is – it’s what sets us apart! With the release of these awesome new features, all sorts of things can now be done.

Print your PlayBooks

With the amount of time you’ve spent creating these beautiful PlayBooks, it would be silly to keep them all to yourself! As an admin, PlayBooks and Tests can now be printed and downloaded for record keeping.

It’s super simple too, either click print to get a PDF copy of your PlayBook or Test with reference to all your additional resources or click download for a zipped folder of your PDF copy and all the resources attached. 


Well that’s not all – even standard users can be given the ability to print PlayBooks from their student portal. We understand different people learn different ways, which is why we’re giving you the option to complement your staff and their learning styles. As an Admin, when building your PlayBook, you’ll notice an option to make your PlayBook printable. Simply select YES or NO – neat, right?


Attach an MP3 file

Along with all the multimedia that can currently be attached to your PlayBooks, we’ve added Audio to the resource list. This means you can add MP3 files, making the learning experience even more engaging than it already is.


Ace that Test!

At OnRamp, we like to ensure the learning experience is an easy and motivating one. Now, standard users can take a test directly from their PlayBook. Just click on the take test button at the end of your Playbook and get started, easy as pie.


Send reminders

To make your job a little easier we’ve added the option to set Test Expiry Notification Intervals. Your team will never miss out on a Test again, simply send a notification to remind them to complete Tests that have an expiry date. Say goodbye to excuses and say hello to happy, trained staff!

Coming soon!

Are you on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear what’s coming next? If the news of new features makes you as excited as it does us, then you’ll be thrilled to hear what’s in the pipeline.

We’re currently working on three new features:

Now that you know all about our new features, we’re sure you can’t wait to explore them. If you aren’t yet using OnRamp for all your staff training, contact us here to get started.

Hello Feb, you lovely month you.

We are super excited about some sweet new features that have been released. Here at OnRamp, we love a new challenge and are continually looking for ways to make our system that much more awesome. With that being said, we have just ramped up our features in a BIG way!

We know from personal experience, just how important branding is to your business – it’s what sets you apart. Our upgraded Custom Theme Feature allows you to personalise your OnRamp portal by branding it with your company’s look and feel. All sorts of things can now be changed – colours, icons and even the main login screen to the system. Check out this cool video clip to see for yourself just how awesome this is for your brand.

Knowledge is King

Learning a new skill or taking in some useful information is all well and good, but if that information is never implemented into our daily lives, is there really any point to it?

Knowledge Accountability is often a sore point in many businesses nowadays. The constant struggle that business’ face trying to impart valuable information onto staff is a reality. The days of sending an email expecting staff to acknowledge, read and implement are sadly no longer. Thankfully OnRamp can solve this problem. OnRamp allows business knowledge stakeholders to easily push vital company procedure or product info to staff and track engagement. Aligning people to process or products info in a measurable way, will ensure greater levels of success.

Accountability for knowledge digested will ensure that your staff are constantly growing and improving. OnRamp has helped many customers solve this challenge in a fun, simple and effective way. Want more information … pop us an email and we will gladly contact you.

new featuresMeet Ash.

Ashleigh Vorster has been with OnRamp for the last two years and has helped it grow in leaps and bounds. We smaak Ash.
Ashleigh is our customer success manager and deals with all new OnRamp customers. She is the go-to gal for any platform questions and is super clued up about all our new features and whatnot.

You can ask Ash (just about) anything and she will give you a detailed and helpful response. 

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