Creating online training resources: How colour affects learning

There’s no denying, a well-trained workforce is an asset to any business. Skilled employees boost sales, inspire confidence, and give the company a good name. Here at OnRamp, we’re enthusiastic about upskilling through online platforms. Providing staff training online is a quick, efficient way to ensure your employees are at the top of their game. With OnRamp, there’s no limit to the diversity of content you can use in your training manuals. Creating online training resources that are dynamic and engaging is a breeze with the wealth of the internet at your fingertips. From videos to powerpoints to images and text. You can put together information in a way that’s easy to absorb and remember.  

The use of colour in online training resources

Did you know you can use colour to influence your employees’ learning and retention? Colour plays a role in many aspects of our lives, from warning labels to traffic lights. Even your corporate identity is associated with a colour scheme. The careful use of colour in your online training resources will elevate your content and inspire engagement.

From your online platform to training material, colour can be incorporated in all aspects. Start by making your training platform cohesive with your brand. With OnRamp, you can customise your platform with your company’s colour scheme. This makes your training immediately associable with the business.

Colour can be powerful both visually and mentally. Think about the use of colour when creating your online training resources. Use colour to evoke emotion, inspiration and concentration. Try use colours cohesively – clashing colours will distract your employees and affect their focus. Bold colours can also be overwhelming. Limit the bold colours, using them only to draw attention to key elements.

Colour choices for your online training resources

Different colours can create a variety of moods. They can be inspiring, calming and exciting, invoking a willingness to learn. Or, your chosen colours may distract and detract from your online training resources. Using the correct colours can affect your employees’ learning experience. Here are some colours you should use when creating your training manuals:


Green is a relaxing, calming colour that is both refreshing and tranquil. Reminiscent of nature and easy to look at, this colour promotes concentration and focus. Green is a restorative, balanced colour that will help your employees relax. Use green in your online training resources for fresh, revitalising content.


Lift your employees’ mood with welcoming orange. Orange is optimistic and mentally stimulating. Playful and enthusiastic, this colour both inspires and encourages learning. Use orange to enhance complicated subject matter, making it inviting and relatable. As a vibrant colour, however, it can be overwhelming if over-used. Use to highlight key points.


Blue is a stable, serene colour choice. In fact, blue rooms increase productivity. The calming presence of blue helps with concentration and is considered an intellectual colour. Use blue for complex topics to make them seem less overwhelming. Always try to balance shades of blue with warmer tones.


Intellectual, cheerful and full of optimism, yellow is a mentally stimulating colour. Ensure your online training sources are exciting and memorable by using yellow. This colour aids knowledge retention but can be too bright if over-used. Opt for warmer shades of yellow and use it as an attention grabber.


Stimulating and passionate, red is intense and exciting. Red is an emphatic colour and should be used to draw attention to key points in your training. Be wary of overusing red in your online training resources. It can be overpowering.

Colour can be a powerful tool in your online training. Ensure your online training resources are engaging and stimulating with the right choice of colour. OnRamp’s platform offers flexibility in the creation of your staff training. The perfect balance between content and colour will ensure your training material is successful. Do you want to develop your staff? Get started with OnRamp. Contact us for a quote.