Hello Feb, you lovely month you.

We are super excited about some sweet new features that have been released. Here at OnRamp, we love a new challenge and are continually looking for ways to make our system that much more awesome. With that being said, we have just ramped up our features in a BIG way!

We know from personal experience, just how important branding is to your business – it’s what sets you apart. Our upgraded Custom Theme Feature allows you to personalise your OnRamp portal by branding it with your company’s look and feel. All sorts of things can now be changed – colours, icons and even the main login screen to the system. Check out this cool video clip to see for yourself just how awesome this is for your brand.

Knowledge is King

Learning a new skill or taking in some useful information is all well and good, but if that information is never implemented into our daily lives, is there really any point to it?

Knowledge Accountability is often a sore point in many businesses nowadays. The constant struggle that business’ face trying to impart valuable information onto staff is a reality. The days of sending an email expecting staff to acknowledge, read and implement are sadly no longer. Thankfully OnRamp can solve this problem. OnRamp allows business knowledge stakeholders to easily push vital company procedure or product info to staff and track engagement. Aligning people to process or products info in a measurable way, will ensure greater levels of success.

Accountability for knowledge digested will ensure that your staff are constantly growing and improving. OnRamp has helped many customers solve this challenge in a fun, simple and effective way. Want more information … pop us an email and we will gladly contact you.

new featuresMeet Ash.

Ashleigh Vorster has been with OnRamp for the last two years and has helped it grow in leaps and bounds. We smaak Ash.
Ashleigh is our customer success manager and deals with all new OnRamp customers. She is the go-to gal for any platform questions and is super clued up about all our new features and whatnot.

You can ask Ash (just about) anything and she will give you a detailed and helpful response. 

Get in touch with Ash. ashleighv@onramp.co.za