What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for OnRamp?

OnRamp is optimised for low bandwidth environments  – it is however advised that you use something better than snail speed. The system functions rather comfortably on 2 Megabit connection. However, for video streaming to work effectively, a 4 Megabit connection is recommended.

Our Internet connection is saturated – how can I improve the performance of OnRamp for my users?

If you wish to improve your access to the OnRamp System (particularly video streaming) it is recommended that you install an dedicated internet connection.

ADSL is relatively inexpensive. It is possible to setup basic routing and firewall rules to dedicate an ADSL line for use with the OnRamp system – ensuring a better experience for your users than using an existing, perhaps saturated line. Our team strives to ensure that you have the best experience when using the OnRamp system.

Do I need to backup my OnRamp System?
Nope. The cloud-based nature of OnRamp means that our team will take care of your backups for you in the cloud. No need for expensive, unnecessary backup systems. Backup is our baby, freeing you up to focus on what you should to be doing. Should you need training content restored contact our support team on support@onramp.co.za.
Will onRamp work on my tablet device?
Obviously. OnRamp is designed to work in mobile browsers – full application functionality is possible in both a desktop browser and on a mobile device.