OnRamp is your secure, private training platform. It brings some awesome benefits to your business:


  • Can you imagine paperless training? Well, with OnRamp you can!
  • Digitise your training and make it available to any one, any where.
  • All of your content is stored and managed in your personal portal.
  • Control your training centrally and distribute it to users easily.
  • Manage your staff compliance through online testing.
  • Dashboard based reporting (Scorecards) on staff’s performance.
  • Improve staff KPI and KPA management.
  • Get better results by staff learning through different mediums.
  • Easily identify weak and strong staff.
  • Identify poor performing staff for remediation and upliftment.
  • Effective training leads to better qualified staff and greater ROI’s.
  • A fun simple to use training tool will ensure better knowledge adoption.
  • OnRamp does not sleep. Ever. Making it easy to refer back to content.


private training platform



OnRamp is purpose built to ensure the learning experience is an easy and pleasant one.  Various multimedia inclusions of videos, pictures and text help with better understanding of content, improve motivation and make your training more engaging. OnRamp has full support for familiar types of Microsoft Office documents.

The value of online training in your business



Favoured By Decision-Makers
59% of HR executives prefer their staff learning from video, rather than text – BrainShark

Growth Trends
Corporations now report that e-learning is the second most valuable training method that they use –

The Big Business Approach
By 2016, 98% of large organisations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning strategy – Aurion Learning


Increase Productivity
Companies who use e-learning can boost productivity by up to 50%. For every $1 spent, it can bring in up to $30 – IBM

The E-Learning Difference
Save up to 50% on traditional training costs, get training done up to 60% faster!

Do Not Disturb
E-Learning is flexible and less disruptive to organisations’ operations




Info Optimisation
The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words

Keeping Your Skills Sharp
72% of companies using e-learning feel that it helps them keep up to date and stay highly competitive – Bersin and Associates

Increase Interactivity
The use of multimedia within the learning environment keeps the tech-savvy generation engaged, leading to increased knowledge retention


Deliver training to anyone on any device, anywhere – quickly

Create accountability with instant certification and progress tracking

Store valuable training content centrally and share easily